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More than half of the world’s investment in virtual reality falls under the entertainment field, especially virtual reality games in the virtual reality arcade.

The global VR arcade is valued at around $11.5 billion as of 2019, and this growth is predicted to increase at a rate of about 30% from 2020 up to 2027.

Now, beyond virtual reality games, VR technology has slowly been revolutionizing the whole entertainment world, including creating more engaging, immersive, and experienced technology across all areas.

We are moving much closer to a future where the Virtual and the real world will become inseparable. This is because VR arcade and entertainment play a significant role in any form of transformation.

So, the question is, is virtual reality going to become the arcade of the future?


VR experiences

Galleries and museums around the world are currently offering their visitors virtual arcade tours to increase their engagement. These tours are usually designed to help bring culture and art to life.

VR arcade galleries in the Vatican and London have tours that have come close to exhibits where people learn about the stories and history behind them without dealing with crowds and traveling.

The Virtual Online Museum of Art – VOMA that launched in 2020 has quickly become the first-ever complete virtual museum and presents art loaned from different locations and curated exhibitions as well.


Sports Experiences

VR in sports has also skyrocketed and will probably become even more significant in the future. VR is already being used to help improve viewers’ viewing experiences and create realistic training simulations for athletes.

Today, fans are using VR to watch their favorite games from different places in the stadium and even from the middle of the field. They can also follow their favorite cars on track during a formula E-sport as well.


The Future of Entertainment

The virtual reality arcade will undoubtedly replace many traditional forms of entertainment in the future, and arcade games will continue making entertainment even more engaging and immersive.

This means that to experience the entertaining world of VR, you must be willing to engage in it, as the whole thing can be a bit overwhelming.

It is predicted that anything you are currently enjoying, including sports, cheering, visiting museums, etc, can become part of the virtual reality arcade very soon.

Even playing with a Frisbee may no longer be normal anymore. We have to be ready to embrace this new VR arcade world.