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Corporate Parties

Rocket World: Your Premier Corporate Parties Venue

Is your team feeling demotivated and churned by the daily workload? Or are you just planning to host corporate parties for your clients or team? Whatever the situation, we suggest you ditch conventional party ideas and give your team an experience that they will remember for a long time. Rocket World is a perfectly unique and exciting space-themed place in Florida that is ideal for your next corporate party.

Now, you need to end your search for venues near me for your next event, as you have landed at the best place. We have a variety of activities that will boost your team’s morale and make your event effortlessly fun. Or when it is time to host a formal corporate party, you can entertain your guests so that they know you are all about fun!

A Place Where Corporate Meetings and Fun Collide!

The team that works together brings out the best in the company. But for that, team building is essential, and what better activity to bind your team together than having fun at an arcade? Let your team’s inner child come out at Rocket World. Not only do we provide a perfect place for team meetings but we are also all about fun.

Stress-Free Corporate Meetings for Parents

If any of your guests wish to bring their child along while they attend work, they can easily do that. Work should be stress-free, specifically for parents. Rocket World aims for the well-being of parents and plans fun activities for kids, too. Leave them with us, and they will have the best time of their life.

Multiple Team Building Activities

Team building is essential for your business, and Rocket World understands that. Engaging in fun activities together strengthens team bonds, improves communication and boosts morale. With activities such as laser tags, arcade games, and a virtual reality zone, your team will have a perfect chance to work toward a common goal while having a blast.

Vibrant Place to Freshen The Mind

Corporate events at Rocket World are not just work; they are fun, too! Bring your team here and let them unleash their fun side in our vibrant, space-themed environment. With a wide range of activities, your team will surely have the time of their life, which will further help to freshen their mind for productive work.

Why Choose Rocket World for Your Corporate Event?

Rocket World is indeed your best host for corporate parties. Trust us, bring your guests here and see how we work to provide a pleasant experience for you. Apart from fun activities, we also offer food and decoration services. So, if you want to go the extra mile, we are here for you.

Professional Staff

At Rocket World, our professional staff is available to help you in your corporate parties. We ensure that our guests feel special with us.

Something for Everyone!

From activities for your team to activities for your colleague’s children, we have something for everyone here.

Stress-Free Planning

With our customizable options for food, decorations or additional passes, planning the corporate parties becomes an easy and hassle-free task for you.

Saturn Package: The Ideal Choice for Groups

Our Saturn package is ideal for corporate parties and is good for groups of 15 or more at $29 per adult, Monday to Thursday. The package includes access to all our fun and exciting activities, making it the perfect choice for corporate teams.

Your guest can bring their kids to play at Rocket World with just an additional cost of $15.99.


  • Private Party Room
  • 2 Private Laser Tag Games per Person
  • 1 $15.00 Arcade Game Card
  • 1 Virtual Reality Game
  • 1 Party Host
  • Bluetooth Speaker

Customizable Options to Enhance Your Event

Need additional food, decorations, or passes? We’ve got you covered. With just a few clicks, you can customize your event to suit your needs. From a personal touch to your event with customized décor options to delicious food, we will do everything for you.

 How to Book Your Corporate Event

Finalize your party planning by clicking on the button below. Click below to see all the fun gaming options, delicious food choices and décor selections to finalize your party planning. At Rocket World, we make it effortless to throw an event that will leave your team smiling.

Schedule Your Next Corporate Meeting Today!

Contact us today at (954) 374-9402 or WhatsApp us at (754) 230-6874 to schedule your event and take the first step towards an unforgettable team experience.

You can also send us an email to inquire about our corporate party packages at info@rocketworldusa.com.

Book today, and let us help you create an event that your team will talk about for years to come!