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Here at Rocket World children can explore a space-themed indoor playground and face off against opposing teams in laser-tag matches

Amid walls painted with stars and planets, they trek through a noodle maze, crawl through tunnels, and take giant leaps for mankind in a moonwalk bounce house.

Toddlers up to age 5 may play among themselves in a safe, secluded area with its own mini inflatable.

In the laser-tag arena, children and teens strap on sensor vests and seek out foes amid mist and neon-lit terrain.

While their galactic warriors blast away at one another, parents can relax with a cappuccino and free WiFi at our café.

Celebrate Your Special Day at Rocket World!

Host your events at Rocket World and entertain your guests with our out of this world attractions! Make every moment special, regardless of the occasion! We have the secret to awesome birthday parties, all types of group events, and easy fundraisers.