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Playground equipment positively influences children’s development.

Well-designed play structures influence children’s social, cognitive, and language development. Play panels, for example, offer additional play value and can be used to boost social-emotional and cognitive development. 

Recreational oases or playground equipment help children grow and boost their self-confidence. But they also conceal a potential risk of injury, which Rocket World keeps in mind when designing its spaces to ensure the care of the little ones.

Children are exposed to the dangers of playgrounds. They are unaware of the risks and cannot assess the danger. They are unable to pay attention and concentrate on a potentially dangerous situation for a long time and are easily distracted. 

Create a play area that stimulates them

The play areas in open and enclosed playgrounds teach children to have courage, to experience their limits, but also lead them to know their skills. 

These well-designed environments invite them to share, wait their turn, and create concrete experiences with other children in a space where they feel free. Therefore, the more original and intelligently designed the playground is, the more it will fulfill its function.

Moreover, if the playground it’s built-in a beautiful context, the child learns to appreciate beauty, a right that everybody should enjoy.

playground equipment

Danger awareness

Children are often quickly distracted by their surroundings and only realize that they may fall off the climbing tower, for example, when they have already reached the top.

The youngest children are lacking in this acute awareness of danger. For that reason, there must be much protection and adequate playground equipment in playgrounds in every area so that they can enjoy themselves freely. They usually begin to foresee the risks until around the age of eight.

Risk management

Playgrounds must complete safety requirements and be maintained. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks, which would not even make sense. In the playground area, children want to let off steam and have to learn to live with hazards.

It does not mean that the playground should expose them just because it does not meet safety regulations and does not have the appropriate playground equipment, e.g., does not have a shock-absorbing floor to cushion falls.

playground equipment

The importance of playing in a safe environment is a right 

When deciding to design a playground for construction, the safety and health of the young users must come first. In particular, the playground floor is decisive to ensure the safety of the youngest users.

Falls are inevitable, but the risk of serious damage must be minimized. That is why it is good practice to use anti-trauma tiles, which are becoming increasingly common in children’s playgrounds. 

Age-appropriateness in equipment design

Rocket World is constantly looking for new playful ways to create value and support child development through great playground equipment. 

Different age groups have specific play preferences and needs. Rocket World is aware of the importance of age-appropriateness when selecting play equipment and its placement.

Given the centrality of play, it is of fundamental importance both the type of games and attractions, which change with age and the material used to produce them, which must have characteristics that make play safe and enjoyable.

playground equipment

Supervision of specialized staff in the play areas

All equipment and play areas must be under the supervision of specialized personnel. That is why at Rocket World, all the staff in charge of the equipment and play areas have been trained to accompany children to enjoy an exciting play experience. 

So, parents: Don’t worry! We can effectively manage all possible problematic situations and avoid any stress.

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