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Virtual Reality

Kids Virtual Reality Games in Pembroke Pines, FL

Welcome to Rocket World, the best place for kids virtual reality games in Pembroke Pines, FL! Located in Broward County, our VR experiences are full of fun and adventure. Imagine your kids playing thrilling games that spark their imagination and keep them busy for hours. Ready to give your kids an amazing playtime? Keep reading to find out why Rocket World is the top choice for families in Pembroke Pines. For bookings and questions.

Why Choose Kids Virtual Reality Games at Rocket World?

At Rocket World, we understand the importance of providing a safe and fun environment for your children. Our state-of-the-art VR simulators offer a fully immersive experience that transports kids to another world. With the 9D 360° VR Simulator, kids can enjoy a realistic and engaging environment. The special effects, such as air spray, leg sweep, and back poke, make every game feel incredibly real and thrilling.

Pricing and Packages for Kids Virtual Reality Games

We offer flexible pricing options to suit every budget. Whether your child wants to play one game or spend an entire afternoon exploring different VR worlds, we have a package for you. Here are our current prices:

  • $14.00 for One Game
  • $23.00 for Two Games
  • $31.00 for Three Games
  • $38.00 for Four Games

These packages offer great value and ensure your child gets the most out of their visit. For more details.

Exciting Kids Virtual Reality Games with Special Effects

Rocket World’s kids virtual reality games come alive with special effects that enhance the experience. Picture your child feeling the wind rush past them as they zoom through a virtual roller coaster, or the surprise of a leg sweep during an intense game. These special effects make our VR games more immersive and exciting. Our VR experiences also include interactive play areas and themed adventures, ensuring every visit is a new and exciting experience for kids of all ages.

Fun and Adventure with Kids Virtual Reality Games

Our selection of kids virtual reality games is designed to cater to all interests. Whether your child loves thrilling roller coaster rides, swinging on big pendulums, or battling zombies, there’s something for everyone. These games are designed to spark creativity and encourage physical activity, ensuring both younger kids and older kids have a fantastic time. Explore more fun activities on.

Safe and Enjoyable VR Experience for Kids at Rocket World

At Rocket World, your child’s safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Our VR equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitized, and we follow strict safety protocols to ensure a worry-free experience. Our friendly staff is always on hand to assist and make sure everyone has a great time.

Book Your Kids Virtual Reality Games Adventure Today!

Ready to give your kids the ultimate VR experience? Rocket World is your destination for the best kids virtual reality games in Pembroke Pines, FL. With thrilling games and immersive environments, there’s something for everyone. Call us at (954) 374-9402 or visit our contact page to book your visit today and see why Rocket World is the top choice for family fun in Broward County!