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Here at Rocket World, our team of laser experts wants to make sure you know all the fun facts when it comes to laser tag. When it comes to things to do with kids near me, we are the ones to trust. In no time, your child will have the best laser experience in town, especially after you choose us! 


Fun Facts About Laser Tag

  • It was invented in Dallas, Texas
    • Laser tag was initially introduced as a game of Star Trek phaser in 1979. However, after a little while, people started to adapt the play experience to their own imaginings. Adapting the game of laser tag away from the Star Trek brand brought the game to new audiences. While the game was originally contrived in the 70s, the 80s brought on a new wave of love for lasers. Lazer brand toys became a staple on every kid’s wishlist, and the game became only more popular, as arcades took the teen scene by storm. In the 90s, laser tag became more futuristic, modeled after films like the Matrix and events like the impending Millenium. The tech inspirations didn’t stop there, as laser tag has become an entirely innovative and responsive experience.
  • There are more than 20 different variations of laser tag.
    • Even is laser tag is a simple game; it does have a multitude of variations and random elements and features. This is great because it encourages teamwork, and it also eliminates situations where players can cheat to win. You are unlikely to experience the same exact round of laser tag twice – this is a game that’s full of surprises. For players who want to adapt their gameplay, there are versions like VIP mode where teams must work together to protect the designated VIP player and RPG-style games where players take on characters who each have a different role within the team. The Epic Fun laser tag experience is also unique every time you visit – we put a lot of innovation into our equipment and our arena to make it immersive and exploratory.
  • There is actually no lasers.
    • At least, not really. To make laser tag 100% safe for adults and kids, laser tag games use infrared technology with sensors as opposed to actual laser beams. If lasers were used, they could be hazardous to eyesight and could even burn our skin. We’ll stick to our phasers that wouldn’t hurt a fly. They look just as cool without the danger. Laser tag gets its name, however, from the laser stun guns and photon shooters used in Star Trek and other space-age movies and shows. 
  • The military uses laser tag
    • Even if laser tag is mostly used for entertainment purposes nowadays, the fun and casual game mechanisms were also used, upon their advent, for soldier training. In fact, in the late 70s, the military used laser tag for combat training and target practice. Soldiers used this to practice the way they would tackle various combat situations, how to aim and make contact with an opponent, and how to dodge or conceal their bodies when under fire. Laser tag’s cousin – paintball – is still used in some military training academy programming for the same purpose, but laser tag is less often utilized.


We Have “Things To Do With Kids Near Me”

Enter into a world where you can suit up in ultra high-tech laser censored vest, move through column forest and maze-like corridors to zap your opponents and deactivate the opposing team’s headquarters. The Q-Computer tracks you throughout the game; your individual score is displayed to see who won and who scored a personal best.


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