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One of the top choices when it comes to child birthday parties, or any age for that matter, is laser tag. This fun and exhilarating time are sure to get everyone who participates and experience they can always cherish. Here at Rocket World, we are here to make sure that all of our patrons get the best laser tag with our kids indoor playground near me. But why do so many people love this so much? Our laser tag Pembroke Pines professional is here today to explain just that!


Make Your Next Birthday Party, a Laser Tag One!

Here is a list of the top five reasons why we think your child’s birthday party should be a laser tag birthday party:

  1. Laser tag can be simple to learn and easy to play. With just a few minor instructions on what to do, small children and teens alike can be running through the arena and tagging the opposite team in a matter of minutes. Kids are there to have fun. They don’t want to feel like they are in school having to learn a new lesson. Keeping it simple keeps it fun.
  2. Laser tag is a painless way to have some fun. Unlike paintballs, which can leave nasty marks on the skin and even bruising, laser tag is a pain-free way to take out the opposing team. Children even seem to enjoy being tagged from time to time. Some enjoy the drama of falling down after being “hit”.
  3. Most children love some sort of video game. In many video games, the player tries to take out some sort of “enemy” that is trying to get them. Laser tag gives them a more realistic idea of actually being in the video game. They are trying to get the opposing team before that team gets to them. Laser tag also is a form of hide-and-seek which is an all-time classic.
  4. They can be almost anyone they choose to be. Laser tag companies have different party packages for kids and teens birthday parties that the children can choose from. The packages we offer start at $233 and run up to $1078! We are sure to provide entertainment for children and adults!
  5. Laser tag is a fun sport that can be played either indoors or outdoors. You may set your child’s birthday party up for a certain date, and surprisingly, it rains that day. This won’t be a problem because laser tag is safe enough to play inside. Laser tag arenas have the equipment for either. Some laser tag companies will bring the fun right to your own back yard. If your child feels more comfortable having the party at home, this is perfect for them. In some areas, it may be too hot or cold to play outside. In others, enjoying the outdoors is perfect. Either way, it can be done with laser tag.


Check Our The Best Kids Indoor Playground Near Me

At Rocket World, children explore a space-themed indoor playground and face off against opposing teams in laser-tag matches. Amid walls painted with stars and planets, they trek through a noodle maze, crawl through tunnels, and take giant leaps for mankind in a moonwalk bounce house. Toddlers up to age 5, play among themselves in a safe, secluded area with its own mini inflatable. In the laser-tag arena, children and teens strap on sensor vests and seek out foes amid mist and neon-lit terrain. 


Call Us Today For Laser Tag Pembroke Pines

Be sure to have your next children’s birthday party at Rocket World. When it comes to the best kids indoor playground near me, we are the best choice. Call or visit us online today for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon. There is no better laser tag Pembroke Pines!