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You are probably used to laser tags on the inside with dark and thrilling light settings. Thinking about laser tags outside in the sun can be quite a challenge in many ways. However, some people would prefer playing in the sun. The downsides of outdoor laser tags outweigh the indoor laser tags, as highlighted in this article.


Outside Laser Tag is more Expensive.

Setting up outside laser tags is quite expensive in the long run because additional creativity and tools are needed to make it look thrilling. Bankers and hiding places and equipment need to be set up correctly. Since outside laser tag takes up too much space, a lot of resources to accommodate the space might be required.


It is not as thrilling and fun as the Indoor Laser Tags

Compared to playing laser tags on the inside, playing outside seems quite dull. For one, how will you cover up for the lighting used in the dark? Lighting is imperative when it comes to laser tag but too much of it can discount the fun. It plays with emotions to create different eerie attacks like being in a real battle. When outside in the sun in the outdoor laser tag set, you cannot recreate that atmosphere since the light is too much, creating some sense of safety and security. With that, the thrill of the game is watered down.

Additionally, the sun and the light that covers the outdoor laser tag arena deprive the game of secrecy and intensity. For instance, if you are highly conspicuous because of much sunlight, you will tend to hide more than you appear. That reduces the power and speed of the game. Playing laser tags indoors makes it more thrilling and exciting because the darkness will encourage players to escape their hiding place. Since players feel their whereabouts are secretive, they are more willing to make frequent appearances to find targets, which creates the thrill of the game.


Few People Attend Outside Laser Tags

You would prefer to play laser tags with as many people as possible, but the downside is that outside laser tag attracts few players. Not many people attend the laser tag games played outside. Therefore, you will risk getting bored by a small turnout. Few people will mean more minor teams, consequently leading to non-competitive and quite dull games.

However, that is not to insinuate a complete write-off to playing laser tags outdoors. Playing laser tags outdoors can be more appropriate than playing indoors sometimes. In some cases, playing laser tag outside in the sun can be too overwhelming and scary for young children. An outdoor laser tag will be the best option in such a case.