Is your child’s birthday coming up around the corner? Arcades are a fantastic place to hold a birthday party for all ages, and here at Rocket World, we provide a next-level arcade experience right here in Pembroke, FL. We don’t just offer a wide variety of arcade games, but we also offer food, laser tag, virtual reality experiences, and more. There are no better birthday places for kids that lets you escaping the Florida heat as well as any unwanted weather. If you’re looking for an arcade Pembroke Pines, or live around the Miami area, check us out for your child’s birthday, or even just for a fun weekend outing. Need more details? No problem! Let us share with you everything we have to offer that will give you an amazing day to remember.


Rocket World’s Selection Of Entertainment

More than just an arcade… At Rocket World, we feature many different ways to have fun for kids, teens, and adults alike. Here’s everything you can expect if you book with us:

  • Arcade Games
    • First we have to talk about the arcade games. With over 50 arcade machines to choose from, there are plenty of games that will keep you busy for hours of fun. We offer a vast selection of different game styles from racing games, platformers, shooting games, rhythm games, and some classics too. There’s something for everyone of any age.
  • Indoor Playground
    • For the kids, we have an out-of-this-world playground area featuring a multi-level setup of indoor climbing features, slides, bridges, tunnels, and more. There’s plenty of room for a group of happy kids to burn out their energy exploring the area. There’s also a bouncy house in here. Kids will no doubt have a blast in here.
  • Laser Tag
    • Whether you’re a kid or an adult, a game of laser tag can be enjoyed by everyone. Suit up in your gear and tackle a dark maze of corridors to zap the opposing team and invade their base to win. We track everything that happens and who does what so you can check out how each team performed and who was their MVP when the game’s over. We recommend you give it a go at least once.
  • Virtual Reality Games
    • Isn’t it exciting to be a part of the virtual reality gaming age? We offer a fully immersive virtual reality experience, allowing you to choose from a handful of simulation experiences or games through the VR headset. Also as an option is the full 360 Kingkong simulator. Kids, teens, and adults can all enjoy this equally. 
  • Cafe With Free Wifi
    • No doubt everyone will get hungry when having such a great time. When you’re low on energy, you and your kids can refuel with some classic snacks like nachos, pizza, sandwiches, or salads. We all offer coffee and espresso beverages, so for any parents looking to relax while their kids play, kick back with a warm cup and enjoy the complimentary wifi. Be sure to call ahead regarding dietary restrictions for a birthday party so we can make sure everyone gets a tasty meal.


Arcade Pembroke Pines, Best Birthday Places for Kids

Have we convinced you to set up an amazing birthday experience here at Rocket World with our affordable prices? Ready to set up your kid with an explosive day of fun, games, and food? Call us today and set up a reservation for the best arcade Pembroke Pines. There are no better best birthday places for kids in Pembroke, FL. Don’t forget, you can always drop by and check out out fantastic setup. You won’t regret it, and your children will have one of their best birthdays.