One of the most popular games of all time is laser tag for kids! For generations, kids have loved this game and the excitement it brings. Throughout the years, the game has pretty much remained the same, but there have been a few updates! Rocket World in Pembroke, FL, has all of the details you need to know about the Q-Zar laser tag Pembroke Pines residents love! Keep reading to find out more information about the game that is still everyone’s favorite!


Everything You Need to Know About Laser Tag for Kids

When it comes to understanding the laser tag Pembroke Pines kids love, it seems pretty straight forward. There are teams, and the goal is to hit another member of the team with your laser and get them out. However, there is much more that goes into Q-Zar laser tag, and before heading out with your kids for a round at your closest arcade, you should make sure you have all of the details possible!


Q-Zar laser tag is pretty similar to other types of the game. Every player is given a phaser that emits harmless beams of infrared lights that are picked up by the equipment other players are wearing. When the phaser is fired, there is a laser pulse that comes out, but that is merely for visual effect. The game is centered around tagging each other as well as stationary objects that are placed throughout the arena. There are two teams involved in Q-Zar, one is the red team, and the other is the green team. Each team has its own base in the arena, which they need to defend from the other team (similarly to capture the flag). The ultimate goal of Q-Zar laser tag is to score the most points as a team. This can be achieved by capturing the opposing team’s base or by tagging players on the other team. In order to capture a team’s base, you need to tag it twice, but you have to be careful to leave a few seconds in between each tag, or it won’t count. This can be difficult because it leaves you exposed to being tagged yourself by another player. When you’re tagged during the game, the vest you are wearing will vibrate, and it will also make an explosion noise. The player who has been tagged has about one second to fire a “reflex shot,” which can stop the penalty from being applied. However, if that one-second window is missed, the six-second penalty time starts. During these six seconds, two things happen; for the first three seconds, the phaser will announce “Defense Shield, Active Active” this means that the player in penalty cannot be tagged and cannot tag anyone else. For the last three seconds of the penalty phase, the phaser will say “Warning, Warning, Warning” when this is being said, the player in penalty can be tagged by other people, but cannot tag anyone else. 


Then end goal of Q-Zar laser tag is for the teams to score as many points as possible. At the end of the game, whichever team has the most points, they are the winners!


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