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It Is Time To Play

If you’re interested in playing laser tag, then the likelihood is that you want to win. Of course, it’s the taking part that counts but.. yeah, winning is important too.


If you want to improve your laser tag game and compete with the best, then it can pay to learn some cool laser tag tips. This can give you a leg up on your friends and ensure that you finish at the top of the scoresheet every single time.


Tips To Score High in Laser Tag for Kids!

  • Keep shooting continuously
    • One of the easiest ways to increase your laser tag game immediately is to keep continuously firing. The benefit of laser tag is that reloading isn’t difficult, if at all at some laser tag arenas. So, keeping a constant barrage of fire is a good idea. This can increase the likelihood that you’re going to hit your targets.
  • Keep on moving!
    • Unless you’re consciously camping, then it pays to keep on your toes as much as you can. This is because a moving target is far more difficult to hit than a stationary one. You don’t want to be sprinting around, however, as this is likely to have a massive effect on your aim. If you keep a steady pace as you walk, you’re going to be difficult to hit and keep your accuracy.
  • Dress in dark clothing
    • There’s nothing worse than turning the lights off to play laser tag, and one of your team didn’t get the black t-shirt memo. If you’re serious about winning, then all black is an essential part of playing laser tag. Another good thing about dark clothing is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Just head to your color cheapy store and pick up an outfit.
  • Split up
    • Although many people think that it’s far easier to stay in a pack, this isn’t usually the case. Why? Well if you’re in a pack and you come across a straggler, then he has a far larger target to aim for. There’s a likelihood that he might even be able to pick off two or three of your squad before you get the crucial shot away.
  • Keep low and crouch walk
    • There’s a reason that the military has perfected the crouch walk. If you really want to make yourself difficult to hit, it can pay to keep low. This is especially useful if you’re a child or even just a bit short because you can stay out of the eye-line of that taller folk and sneak attack.
  • Know your map
    • It pays to study the area that you’re using beforehand. There’s nothing worse than playing laser tag somewhere that you have literally no idea what’s around each corner – you’re just asking for trouble. If you can, try and spend some time walking around the place you’re playing laser tag and get your bearings. This will give you a massive advantage further down the line.
  • Let your eyes adjust
    • Assumedly, you’re going to be playing laser tag in a dark area. So, you need to give your eyes a little time to adjust to this. Try and survive for the first minute without going on the attack whilst your eyes get adjusted to the darkness.
  • Get up high where possible
    • Depending on where you’re playing, you might have the opportunity to get up higher than your opponent. If you do, this is definitely something that you should try and do. Being up high gives you an awesome vantage point over your opponent and will give you the opportunity to scout out where your enemies are.
  • Use your ears
    • Whilst many people think that laser tag is a game for the eyes, it also pays to ensure that you’ve got your ears to the ground too. Listening to your opponent’s movements can give you a significant advantage, as you can get prepared for their arrival before they’ve even entered your area.
  • Aim for the easy targets
    • It’s a dog eat dog world out there. There’s no shame in accepting that you’re not going to be the best laser tag player of all time.


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