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Let’s face it; everyone is super busy these days, which is why you may feel like your family has been spending too much time separated and not enough time together. That is why it may be time to locate a kids playground near me that offers more than just slides! Rocket World in Pembroke, FL, is more than just one of the top birthday places for kids, they offer a wide variety of activities for kids of all ages, including parents! Keep reading to find out more about how this amazing place can help your family ditch the screens and spend some time playing and growing closer!


How A Kids Playground Near Me Can Help With Family Bonding

No matter how hard you try and no matter what activities you line up most of the time, there is someone in your family who isn’t present, well it’s time to change that! If you have a teenager, who’s been too busy to come home for dinner or an elementary-aged kid who is constantly playing video games or complaining that they’re bored it’s time to ditch the same old techniques and try something new. Rocket World, is one of the top birthday places for kids in the area, but they also have a wide variety of activities that can help you and your family get out of your rut and bond!


One of the top attractions at Rocket World is the state of the art, high-tech laser tag arena! You and your family will suit up in laser censored vests and move through maze-like corridors to zap your opponents while trying to deactivate your competitions headquarters! The first step in your laser-tag experience is going into the briefing room where you will get directions on game strategies and the rules. After, you will enter the vesting room where each of you will be fitted for your innovative vest that has sensors on the front and back! Here you will also be handed your phase, which shoots out a visible laser beam when you’re attacking your opponents. When you enter the gaming arena, you will be greeted by pulsating lights and energetic music. Your team will earn points by tagging other players and eventually deactivating the other team’s headquarters. There is a scoreboard where you can check which team is in the lead and which player has the highest individual score throughout the game. 


Another attraction featured is a unique, multi-level playground offering a number of activities and exercise. There are a variety of slides, bridges, and tunnels for kids of all ages to explore in a fast-paced environment. Also, the playground has a huge indoor climbing structure where children can practice their hand-eye coordination and feel proud when they conquer such a significant obstacle! The fun doesn’t stop there; Rocket World also features an arcade with over fifty different games including classic favorites and new games that your kids will be more familiar with. You will earn tickets, that are digital and go directly onto a FunCard so you’re able to save them for future visits or you can redeem them for prizes at the end of your visit!


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Rocket World in Pembroke, FL, has eliminated the need for residents to search for “kids playground near me” We feature a space-themed indoor playground safe for children of all ages to go through mazes, tunnels, and jump in a moonwalk bounce house. We also have a cafe for parents to enjoy while their children are running around having fun and laser-tag! Call or visit us today for a fun time!