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Working on planning a phenomenal birthday celebration for your child, cousin, niece, or nephew? For residents of Pembroke Pines, FL, we at Rocket World have one of the best birthday places for kids available for their special day–an exciting indoor play space that includes arcade games and VR experiences. Kids birthday party planning can be a challenge, but our experience helps us understand the ins and outs of party planning for kids. Let us share with you some FAQs you may have about children’s party planning and how to go about it.


About Rocket World

For kids looking for an indoor experienced filled with physical activities, interactive experiences, and plenty of games to play, we at Rocket World are here to deliver. This includes our large arcade game library available, full VR experiences and games to play, an exciting indoor laser tag experience, a complex indoor playground, a simple and fun bouncy house, and a cafe filled with classic favorites. Our staff are all trained to provide a fun, but safe environment for every child.


FAQs for Kids Birthday Party Planning

Knowing the best way to ensure your child or young family member has the best time on their special day can be intimidating if you aren’t sure how to go about it. Many can just pick something simple and call it a day, but for the young ones, having a day you never forget is a huge desire for their birthdays. Don’t worry, as we have a few tips that will help you make the best decisions.

  • Who do I invite?
    • For small children of 1 or 2 years old, a family-only event is probably best. This is a great time to take lots of pictures for your child to appreciate later when they become adults. For children older than that, it’s a good idea to include friends from school or daycare.
  • How many friends should be invited?
    • A good rule of thumb with invitations is to invite an equal amount of friends to the age of the birthday kid plus 1.
  • When should I send invitations?
    • About 2-4 weeks is a great time frame to give the parents of the invited children opportunities to adjust their schedules and help their kids find gifts. That said, there’s no need to go over a month.
  • How long should a party go for?
    • Children under 3 may feel restless after about an hour, so that’s a good time frame for them. From ages 4-6, about 2 hours is a good enough time to enjoy the party. Older children may want to enjoy their time longer, in which you can play it by ear.
  • Do we need a theme?
    • Themes aren’t a requirement, but they can be nice while also helping you organize the party. Make sure it’s a theme the child will be excited about, though.


Contact Us for Birthday Places for Kids

Have you gotten some much-needed answers for kids birthday party planning? If so, the next step is researching birthday places for kids. For a fantastic indoor experience, consider checking our Rocket World in Pembroke Pines, FL. We have a wide array of indoor entertainment for the children along with food, coffee, and free wi-fi for adults. To learn more, contact us today.