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Is your child’s birthday just around the corner? Are you looking to make it so amazing that your young one never forgets? Here at Rocket World, our team of party experts wants to make sure that happens. When it comes to kids activities near me, we are the ones to trust. In no time, your child will have the best birthday party in town, especially after you choose us! After all, we are one of the best birthday places for kids. 


Activities You Need To Try!

  • Paper bag pinatas
    • Let kids decorate paper bags. Then fill the bags with inexpensive toys or candy. Blow air into the bags and create “pinatas.” Tie them along a string stretched between two posts or trees and give each child a turn to whack one and win the goodies without a mad dash.
  • Stuffed animal dress up
    • Direct guests to a basket of doll clothes, hats, socks, jewelry, and scarves, and let them get into the party spirit by dressing up their cuddly stuffed animals. Then give the children time to do what they love — enjoy free play together with their floppy friends.
  • Pillow art
    • Have the children decorate pillowcases with stamps and fabric markers
  • Treasure Hunt
    • Tell the children that some of King Tut’s treasure was never found. Then send teams of guests on the hunt. To arrange clues, it’s easiest to work backward: Place the treasure in its spot, and set up the final clue that leads to it. Continue until you get to the first clue.


Other Kids Activities Near Me!

  • Carnival Games
    • Toss the ball in the basket, pick the duck with the winning number on its bottom, or hit the golf ball in the bucket with a kid’s club. Give each child a handful of pennies and have them pay for the games for a carnival atmosphere.
  • Animal Charades
    • Write the names or draw pictures of a variety of animals on paper. Have a child act out the animal and let the other kids guess what it is.
  • Pizza Pizzazz
    • Purchase ready-made pizza crusts and let the kids decorate them with grated cheese, tomatoes, veggie slices, and pepperoni.
  • Asphalt Art
    • Have the kids use sidewalk chalk to draw on the driveway or patio.
  • Table Art
    • Ask each child to decorate a designated portion of the tablecloth with handprints, foam stamps, etc. Spin in the dryer for 10 minutes to heat-set the paint.
  • Milk Pail Keepsakes
    • Give each child a miniature milk pail to decorate with stickers of barnyard images.
  • Egg Hunt
    • Hide plastic eggs around the party area and let the kids search for them and put them in their pails.

Throw in some arcade games and laser tag and your party is sure to be hit! 


Call Us For Birthday Places For Kids

We are the ones to trust with the best kids party ideas. Rocket World has many packages that you must take advantage of. When it comes to the best kids activities near me, we are the best choice. Call or visit us online today for more information on our kid’s activities, Pembroke Pines! We also take pride in offering the best “birthday places for kids.”