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Youth pastors usually are overworked in most churches, mostly because they seem young and energetic. They get dumped on a bunch of random tasks they are required to complete, including writing powerful sermons and coming up with church youth group activities.


Here’s a List of Team Building Activities for the Youth

  • Life-sized Tic TAC Toe games

This is one of the best youth event ideas for church, where you arrange three rows of chairs which makes a square of about nine chairs in total, and then arrange the students in two main teams. Each one then takes turns where one member sits on the chair. The team with the first three rows wins.

  • Bank Robbery Team Building Activities for Teens

In this case, the youth pastor will buy several boxes with streamers, then tape them horizontally along the hallway, as if the bank has lasers. One by one and as fast as possible, without knocking the streamers down, the students should try to win a prize.

  • Worm Olympics Team Building Activities for Youth

In this case, you should prepare two sleeping bags and then pair up the students into twos. Then each person within the pair should get the sleeping bag on the ground, and then race each other from one point to the next.

  • Yarn-Wrapped Letters – Church Youth Group Activities

In this game, decide on a word and then spell it with letters that directly correspond with the number of kids in the group. Cut out the letters using cardboard and then pre-cut the yard pieces of yarn. Use masking tape to pre-cut at least ten pieces per letter.

Give the students one letter which is ten pieces of tape that are half-taped on a paper plate so they can grab it easily.

Show them to wrap the pieces of yarn on the letters one at a time, then tape the beginning of each yarn to the bottom of the letter. Wrap the yarn with the letter without leaving any gaps. Start a new piece of yarn, and then repeat this entire process till the letter is covered.

  • Woolen Heart Youth Events Ideas for Church

In this game, start by pre-cutting cardboard hearts using a printed stencil, and ensure to have some red yarn.

Give the youths a long piece of yarn that’s about ¼ inch of a spool and depending on the size of your heart, cut and ensure it’s enough to cover the heart without leaving any gaps.

Give each of the kids a cardboard heart and show them how the yarn can be wrapped around it. Have them wrap the heart and the small kids should tie the yarn at the end.

Use this heart to teach them the message of God and love. Display them in the room.

  • One-verse Bible Study Team Building Activities for Teens

As the Youth Pastor, you should pick a bible verse or get one of the kids to choose their favorite verse. Then, write three applications of one sentence and print five different translations. Give the translations to the youths and then have each one read out loud. Share the application and ask them how the passage relates to real life.

  • A Prayer Meeting – Virtual Youth Group Games

Well, in recent days, virtual meetings are being held all the time, and in this case, congregate the group of youths and ask them for prayer requests online, then write them on the board and ask each one to pray for each other.

  • Last week’s sermon discussion – Team Building Activities for Teens

In this case, pick the most favorite part of the previous sermon from the church service and then ask the group to discuss the illustrations and how much the sermon applied to their everyday lives. Then close with a word of prayer.

  • Movie Night: Team Building Activities for Youth

In this case, the youth pastor will choose a movie that everyone can enjoy, and then you call the group together and watch the movie together, and then have a discussion on what the movie means to them and how it applies to real life.

  • YouTube Clips – Virtual Youth Group Games

There are plenty of YouTube clips that would be beneficial to the youth group. Plan in advance which clips you can watch together and then go ahead to analyze the clips as a group.