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Trying to find birthday party places for kids isn’t an easy task. That is why a lot of times parents will just search for “kids birthday party places near me” and book the first one that sounds good. However, Rocket World in Pembroke, FL wants to make you aware of some common mistakes you should be sure to avoid during the booking process. Keep reading below to find out more tips from the experts!


What To Avoid When Looking For Birthday Party Places For Kids

Planning a birthday party for your kids and their friends can be stressful and overwhelming to say the least, which is why so many parents are inclined to just search for “kids birthday party places near me,” read a couple of reviews, and book a spot, but this could lead you and your children disappointed. There are a number of common mistakes that people make when booking their child’s birthday party, and it’s important that you have all of the knowledge about the topic before taking on the task yourself!


  • Scheduling a birthday party too late: Probably one of the most common mistakes made by parents is thinking they have more time than they actually do when it comes to booking a birthday party place. If you want to make sure that you have a quality party for your child, then you need to start planning ahead of time, at least a few weeks in advance is a good rule of thumb. 
  • Booking a location that only a few kids will enjoy: A lot of kids birthday party places are suitable for a wide age of children depending on the activities that are offered so it is important to of course take into account what your child wants to do, but also what other kids might or might not be interested in. For instance, if you choose a location that only offers one or two activities for the kids, then you may have to exclude some children from the guest list. This is why it’s a good idea to find a location that is suitable for a wide variety of ages and interests in order to avoid crying or pouting children. 
  • Picking a location that doesn’t have food: There is nothing worse than a hungry child, so it is critical that you book a party place that offers food to the kids, even if they aren’t going to be at the party during a “mealtime.” Even just having a number of different snacks and drink options for the kids, other than cake and ice cream, is a good way to avoid this type of disaster. 
  • Not asking enough questions: Some parents feel ridiculous for asking a lot of questions before booking a birthday party location for their child, but you shouldn’t! You are paying the facility and staff to provide a good time, just like you would for any other event; it’s not just a “kid’s party.” So make sure that any lingering questions you have get answered so that you can feel comfortable and confident on the day of your event. 


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Rocket World in Pembroke, FL, has eliminated the need for residents to search for “kids birthday party places near me” We feature a space-themed indoor playground safe for children of all ages to go through mazes, tunnels, and jump in a moonwalk bounce house. We also have a cafe for parents to enjoy while their children are running around having fun and laser-tag! Call or visit us today for a fun time!