Do you remember being a kid and getting to play outside with your friends or siblings, either in your backyard or at an outdoor playground? Sadly, this is becoming a rare phenomenon among children in today’s age. Children today are spending significantly more time relying on technology for entertainment. Some if this is actually a great thing, such as games which can do a lot of good for helping children develop their mental and problem-solving skills, but this is often correlated with a lack of active play. Studies have shown that active play can be beneficial for children, and neglecting this can have a negative impact on their development. This is why we at Rocket World offer the best indoor playground for kids. Finding an indoor playground near me can be tricky these days, but for residents of Pembroke Pines, FL, look no further than our doors.


Benefits of Active Play

It’s important for children to have enough physical activity for many different reasons. On one level, physical activity is important for healthy development. Exercise is key to a strong body as well as for burning off energy. Beyond the immediate physical benefits, there are also important, long-term benefits to active play for children as well. These include:

  • Motor Skills
    • Especially for young children, getting to explore a large, safe playground space will allow them opportunities to climb, swing, hang, and train themselves in physical actions that will develop their bodies.
  • Social Skills
    • When at a playground, children have the opportunity to encounter and socialize with others their age. This does a lot to help children work on their social intelligence and confidence with speaking to other people in the future.
  • Language Development
    • Along with a child’s social development, so with their language skills grow as well. The more we communicate with one another at a young age, the more we understand how to speak to others and the consequences of what we say.
  • Long-Term Health Benefits
    • While exercise and energy-burning are great things, there are deeper health benefits that can have long-lasting impacts on our lives. An active childhood can help combat risks of conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, and coronary heart disease. While a healthy diet is just as important, an active lifestyle is another key factor in setting our children up for successful futures.


Why We Offer the Best Indoor Playground for Kids

Knowing the benefits of active play, we at Rocket World made it our passion to help provide a safe-but-fun environment to encourage this form of play. Our staff is highly trained in child care and child management. This helps ensure every child has a blast while also being monitored for safety from experts who can handle any situation. Along with our indoor playground, we also offer an indoor bouncy house, arcade, laser tag, and virtual reality experiences. At Rocket World, there are countless ways to have fun.


Contact Us For An Indoor Playground Near Me

If you’re looking for an indoor playground near me, Rocket world has the best indoor playground for kids in Pembroke Pines, FL. The best way to see just how great our facility is is to stop by and see for yourself. Let your children have a blast while our expert staff handles monitoring your kids for you. If you have more questions, you can contact us through our website.