Video games are the latest rage in today’s culture. Children play them, adults play them, men play them, and women too! There is something about being immersed into an alternate universe and engaging in a different really that connect people all over the world. However, there are many misconceptions and myths about these games. The experts at Rocket World, are here to make sure you know all about these myths! We take pride in being the best arcade near me! We are located conveniently in Pembroke, FL. If video games are not your thing… we also offer “laser tag near me.”


Check Out These Five Myths!

  1. Pong was the first video game.
    1. The first home game console was not Pong but Baer’s Magnavox Odyssey, which went on sale in 1972, three years before Atari’s home version of Pong. It had table tennis in it, too. Pong was not even the first coin-operated arcade game from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell. That distinction goes to 1971’s Computer Space.
  2. Video games are bigger than movies.
    1. It’s true that Americans spent almost $24 billion on video games last year, compared with a measly $11 billion on movie tickets. But the theatrical box office is not even close to the entire revenue stream for “movies” or “Hollywood.” Americans spent an additional $18 billion on home entertainment such as Blu-rays, DVDs, iTunes, and Netflix. 
  3. Video games are only for men.
    1. There are more women over 18 who play video games than boys under 18 who play; women 50 and older are more likely than their male counterparts to play. And men and women say they’ve ever played a video game in almost equal numbers.
  4. Violent video games are to blame for real-world violence.
    1. Regardless of what the media is saying about video game violence today, this statement is entirely false. Such accusations often fall flat in the face of subsequent forensic analysis. Indeed current scientific evidence suggests that the link between games and aggression is actually weak.
  5. Video games lead to social isolation
    1. The stereotypical view of a gamer is a pale teenager playing alone in his or her bedroom. It’s understandable that something about that situation seems unhealthy or unnatural. But this view usually comes from a misunderstanding of what video games really are. Games, since their inception, have been designed as social experiences. 


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