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If you’re looking for an arcade near me or an indoor playground near me for some fun, you may be wondering about the video games you’ll find inside. Over the years as new technology has emerged, video games have changed! However, there are some older games that remain on top of the popularity chain. Rocket World in Pembroke, FL, has a list of some of the top video games from the past and present. Keep reading to find out more about some of these classic top sellers!


What Are The Top Video Games of All Time At An Arcade Near Me?

As arcades and indoor playgrounds near me become popular again, there has been an increased focus on the biggest and most profitable video games of all time. Even when video games first hit the market, there were games that made a ton of money, but they just did it quarter by quarter. Below is a list of the highest-grossing arcade games of all time!

  • Donkey Kong: The game created by Nintendo sold a total of 132,000 cabinets, earned a total revenue by 1982 $280,000,000, and the inflation-adjusted total came to $686,262,000. This game was one of the first games created by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981 and is often credited as the first game to feature Mario. 
  • Mortal Kombat: This Midway classic sold a total of 24,000 cabinets, had a total revenue of $570,000,000 by 2002, and an inflation-adjusted total of $748,462,000. This game was created by Ed Boon and John Tobias. 
  • Mortal Kombat II: The second Mortal Combat by Midway sold 27,000, earned a revenue of $600,000,000 by 2002, and had an inflation-adjusted total of $787,607,559. This game came out a year after the original and featured a number of graphical upgrades as well as five new characters. 
  • Asteroids: Designed and created by Atari this game sole 100,000 cabinets, had a revenue of $800,000,000 by 1991 and had an inflation-adjusted total of $1,346,548,823. This classic game from 1979 is inspired by Space War, which is the first video game. 
  • Defender: The game created by Williams sold 60,000 cabinets, had total revenue of $1,000,000,000 by 1993, and an inflation-adjusted total of $1,588,463,873. This video game featured a large number of buttons and had enemy ships whose patterns were extremely advanced for the period. 
  • NBA Jam: Another Midway classic, this game sold 20,000 total cabinets, had a revenue of $1,100,000,000, and had an inflation-adjusted of $1,704,501,968. This game made a huge impact since it had the license to feature real teams and players!
  • Pac-Man: The highest producing video game by Namco sold 400,000 total cabinets, the revenue of $3,500,000,000 by 1990, and an inflation-adjusted total of $7,681,491,635. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the highest-ranked arcade game of all time! Pac-Man introduced gaming’s very first mascot that stood the test of time!


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