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Make School Field Trips a lot More Exciting!

A school field trip that combines fun and learning is surely a good deal. Rocket World offers multiple school field trip packages so that your students can get a fun experience. It’s a place where educational adventures meet thrilling activities while creating an unforgettable experience for students. Our fun activities are designed to captivate young minds and provide a safe and enjoyable time for all students.

Why Choose Rocket World for Your Next School Field Trip?

School field trips at Rocket World are not only entertaining but also provide a quality learning experience for students. We have activities for children of all ages, so you can plan your next field trip here. We have an indoor playground, arcade games, virtual reality, and a toddler zone. Our mission is to make learning about the Solar System exciting and engaging.

We provide a complimentary 20-minute educational video of solar systems in all our field trip packages. We bring wonders of the solar system to life, sparking curiosity and interest in young minds.

 What We Offer

Rocket World has a wide range of activities to keep students entertained and engaged:

  • Indoor Playground
  • Arcade Games
  • Laser Tag

Capacity and Safety

We understand how important it is to ensure the safety of kids, especially when it comes to school field trips. Rocket World has a spacious place that can accommodate up to 300 people at a time, with all necessary measures taken care of. Our staff is professional and trained to provide a secure environment, allowing teachers to focus on enjoying trips with their students.

Affordable Food Options

What’s a school field trip without tasty food? We offer meals for your students specifically starting at just $4.50 per child. Our menu includes kid-friendly food options that cater to all age groups, and ensure everyone stays energized throughout the day.

Field Trip Packages

We offer three distinct field trip packages to suit different needs and budgets:

Mercury Package

Includes: Unlimited Access to the indoor playground.

  • 20 players for 3 hours – $260
  • 50 players for 4 hours – $600
  • 70 players for 5 hours – $770

Jupiter Package

Includes: Unlimited access to the indoor playground, arcade games, and laser tag.

  • 20 players for 3 hours – $600
  • 50 players for 4 hours – $1400
  • 70 players for 5 hours – $1820

Venus Package

Includes: Unlimited access to indoor playground, and arcade games.

  • 20 players for 3 hours – $380
  • 50 players for 4 hours – $900
  • 70 players for 5 hours – $1190

By offering a mix of engaging activities and educational content, Rocket World ensures that every school field trip is a memorable and enriching experience. With our tailored packages and commitment to safety, you can plan a trip that is both fun and informative, leaving students inspired and excited about learning.

How to Book Your Field Trip

Booking a trip at Rocket World is easy and convenient. Visit our website to fill out the booking form or contact our friendly staff who will guide you through the process. We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred date and package.

Make your next school field trip an extraordinary adventure at Rocket World. Whether you choose the Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter package, you can be sure of a day filled with excitement, learning, and fun. Contact us today to book your field trip and give your students an experience they’ll never forget.

For more information and to book your visit, check out our website or call us at (954) 374-9402. We look forward to welcoming you and your students to Rocket World, where the adventure begins!